Let God Move

The power of the Holy Ghost in our life will not only bring change but will be evidenced as you allow Him to move. Jesus spoke about the coming of the Comforter before he died in John 14:16-18.


The more you submit to the will of the Lord the more He will move in your life. The more you submit to the Lord the easier it will be to resist the enemy and he has to flee.


Remember beloved, Gods power is greater than the enemy. When you choose to walk in the will of God He will strengthen you, keep you, comfort you, and encourage you so that His will may be done in your life and you will be effective to complete Gods will so that He gets the glory out of your life.


God knows the plans He has for you, as you continue to commit your all to Him He will bring His will to pass in your life.


I encourage you to let God move in your life. Allow the working of the Holy Spirit to go into those areas that need strengthening, healing, and wholeness. God will not disappoint you beloved; the manifested presence of God will flow from your life as you let God move!


Be blessed,

Apostle Deborah Vails


Scripture References:  John 14:1-31 John 15:26-27

John 16:7-13 

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